Implement energy saving building upgrades No upfront capital Simple monthly payments

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Efficiency as-a-Service: A better option for energy savings

No Upfront Capital & No Debt

Our risk free “Efficiency as-a-Service” solution allows you to use the CapEx budget for other needs. As a service contract, it is structured for off-balance sheet treatment.

Building Performance Upgrades

We design, install, and manage the ongoing performance of critical energy saving building upgrades. Our building analytics and audits help you make the right data driven decisions.

Energy & Maintenance Savings

Our performance upgrades result in many benefits, including reducing energy demand by up to 80%, cutting energy costs, and eliminating expensive maintenance plans.

Simple Monthly Payments & Terms

Pay a fixed monthly payment that is less than the savings (special discounts are offered in localities with higher incentives). Our “pay for performance” standard contract is only 60 months.

Read the U.S. Department of Energy case study about our solution for multifamily buildings

Building Technologies

LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diodes are now the standard for illuminating the built environment. Technology innovation is continuously reducing wattage requirements without sacrificing light output.


Automated controls blend with other technologies to create smarter buildings and more savings. Through wireless software you can manage all building systems including lighting and HVAC.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning accounts for the majority of energy use in buildings. From tune-ups to full equipment replacements, we provide HVAC solutions for significant savings.


Solar panels can generate lower cost clean energy for many years. Technology innovation is continuously requiring less space and eliminating risk for solar installations at your site.

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    Smart. Simple. Save.

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