Duvall Westside

Multifamily Apartment

Annual Energy Savings


Annual Maintenance Savings


Annual Tons of CO2 Reduced


Duvall Westside is a luxury apartment complex in Laurel, Maryland, established in 2015. The property owner chose Citizen Energy to install EV chargers for $0 upfront cost.


Through its EV charging as-a-service solution, Citizen Energy installed dual port level 2 chargers for $0 out of pocket from the property owner. Citizen Energy is paid directly by limited time state rebates, federal tax credits, and tenants (EV drivers). The service includes all-inclusive maintenance over the 5 year contract term and a networked connected software system; providing a full suite of charging management features, including role-based user permissions and a phone-based app to easily pay for charging sessions. The software will also sub-meter electricity consumption and enable Citizen Energy to reimburse the property owner for those expenses. This project will result in $15,455 in aggregate fuel savings for all property tenants who make the switch to an electric vehicle and utilize these stations.

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