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Oxon Hill Professional is a commercial office building located in Prince George’s county, Maryland. As a condominium association, the building has several tenant spaces that are owner-occupied. The condominium board approached Citizen Energy to upgrade HVAC equipment and install more efficient lighting and controls for $0 cost.


Citizen Energy qualified and applied for a county grant to cover all project costs. This included installing a 7.5 ton Trane package heat pump unit, with 18 kW auxiliary electric heat, to replace a 37 year old system which serviced the common areas. This new unit has a Global Plasma Solution air purifier that reduces COVID-19 and other pathogens in the airflow. HVAC units in tenant offices were also tuned-up and retrocommissioned, and new programmable thermostats were installed. Lighting fixtures were replaced with high efficacy LED technology and remote controlled dual occupancy/daylight sensors. Total savings are over $13,800 annually.