Midtown at Camp Springs

Multifamily Apartment

Annual Energy Savings


Annual Maintenance Savings


Annual Tons of CO2 Reduced


Midtown at Camp Springs is a modern, contemporary multifamily apartment complex located in Maryland. Many tenants work at Andrews Air Force Base which is just a few miles away. There are multiple buildings at the property, totaling almost 500,000 square feet. As an investor-owned property, the ownership was focused on cash flow positivity by ensuring that their monthly payment was less than the savings, and not using their cash on hand to purchase depreciating assets such as lighting.


Citizen Energy replaced and retrofitted lighting fixtures with LED technology in all the buildings on the campus, primarily focusing on common areas (including hallways, parking garages, and outdoor spaces). Citizen Energy also deployed a new measurement and verification system to provide monthly reports which showed savings goals were met or exceeded. Total savings are almost $69,000 annually.