Energy Star Benchmarking Service

Our energy benchmarking services make it effortless for you to comply with city policy requirements, understand baseline energy use and gain insight into savings potential.

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We know you are busy, so we focus on making sure you spend as little time as possible on  benchmarking your building. It takes a new user approximately 30-50 hours to learn the process and complete an energy benchmark. We have performed over 100 Energy Star benchmarks, and have developed a fast and accurate process:


• Limiting how much we bother you during data collection. We will gather data from other available sources, like your energy bills directly from your utility company.

• Data analysis and input. You don’t have to sort through the data, access/learn new software, or worry about making time for data input.

• We align our benchmark report with your city’s specific requirements, submit all the necessary documentation for you, and assure you do not encounter any penalties or fines.

• And, if your building qualifies, our professional engineers process and sign-off on the Energy Star certification.


What You Should Know


• Washington, DC’s District Department of the Environment (DDOE) requires private commercial buildings (including multi-family housing) over 50,000 square feet to be benchmarked annually.

• Energy benchmark reports are due April 1, 2015.

• Buildings that do not comply with these requirements may be subject to a daily $100 fine.

• The policy requires the use of the Energy Star Portfolio Manager software.

• It also requires numerous years of utility data, operational data, space type analysis, and engagement of tenants throughout the process.

How can Citizen Energy help?

handshakeWe can help gather the right data, analyze and input it into the software, and process the compliance report – no hassle to you.

Citizen Energy also offers Ongoing Compliance Services at discounted rates; ensuring that your building’s energy reporting remains compliant year after year. We maintain your building’s online energy benchmarking account and ensure that it is up to date to easily meet annual benchmarking deadlines. We also stay up to date on changes from the DC District Department of the Environment, the EPA or any of the utilities.

Contact our DC team by email or phone (202) 499-1595 to schedule a free consultation, and get started.

Why an Energy Star Benchmark?


• Inexpensive first step that allows you to understand and start tracking energy use, costs and how much you can save with improvements.

• Energy Star benchmarks provide efficiency ratings (like an MPG rating in the auto industry) that allow you to compare the performance of your building with other similar buildings.

• Buildings benchmarked through Energy Star have recorded average energy savings of 2.4% annually.

• Get on the path to achieving Energy Star certification; increasing property rental price up to 13%, sales price up to 25% and occupancy rate up to 10%.

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