Results: $8,000 a year in electricity and lamp replacement savings. This reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 38 metric tons each year or is the equivalent of taking approximately 8 cars off the road.

Scope: Cedar Crossing Condo building was built in 2006 and is located in the DC neighborhood of Takoma. Citizen Energy retrofitted one hundred and five (105) T12 and T8 2×4 fixtures with 18 watt ETI LED lamps; and thirty six (36) CFL downlight recessed can fixtures with 9.5 watt Cree LED CR6 fixtures. Estimated minimum annual energy and maintenance savings of $8,000. Citizen Energy also obtained and processed a rebate of $3,000. ETI lighting has a 5 year warranty and a, industry leading, minimum 7 year life (under 24/7 operations).


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